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Alasdair the Great

You wander through the forest with your friends. The last thing everyone can remember is that you drove through a dark fog and then woke up in this forest.

What happened? The darkness falls and the moon shines brighter than ever before ... in the distance you can now see a seemingly abandoned hut.

As you wander through a cemetery to find the entrance, you fall into an open grave ... but then you see an underground passage that leads to the hut. You want to call your friends, but before you can scream, a bony hand covers your mouth and pulls you into the darkness.

You pass out and wake up again in a gloomy laboratory ... But you are not alone, because an old man introduces himself: "Welcome! I am Alasdair the Great and you will be my new apprentice, whether you want it or not!"

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Fright factor

Das Verfluchte Kloster
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