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Spirit of the Samurai

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12th century ancient Japan

Daisuke was a powerful samurai, but he was on the losing side of a feudal battle and was forced to give up his country and samurai title. Usually, a samurai would commit seppuku under these circumstances, but Daisuke refused to. Instead, in 1162, Daisuke wandered through the mountains of southwest Honshu. There he met Kain Doshi, a Chinese warrior monk. Daisuke renounced his Bushido code and together the two developed the art of guerrilla warfare called Ninjutsu in a secret dungeon in the mountains. Legends say  that the first ninja, Daisuke, sprang from a demon that was half human and half crow...after his violent death, his house was haunted by a dangerous spirit that curses anyone who dares to enter.

A group of brave explorers hike into the mountains in search of his hideout and find a secret passage in the forest that appears to lead there. You walk through it and find an ancient, mystical eerie light burns from the you dare to go in?

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Der Geist des Samurai
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